Fine Ladies and Mens handkerchiefs

Fine Ladies and Mens handkerchiefs

We are known from coast to coast for our extensive handkerchief collection for both ladies and men, maintaining a large and varied stock at all times. Our collection includes handkerchiefs imported from Ireland, Italy, Madeira (Portugal), Switzerland, Scotland, France, Spain, Belgium, the Orient and England. Our stock always includes handkerchiefs made from pure linen, linen and cotton blends, and all cotton. Unless otherwise stated, all of our handkerchiefs are washable.

Men's handkerchiefs

ladies Purrfect Checkers handkerchief

Men's handkerchiefs

A must have for the fashion conscious gent
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Amazing Swiss cotton ladies’ print
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Superb men’s woven Swiss handkerchief
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Giovanni’s signature lace collection
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Ladies Cotton Print handkerchief

Men’s Handkerchief Cotton

Embroidery handkerchief

ladies Swiss Prints handkerchief ladies handkerchiefs

Spectacular colors from Spain
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Fashionable and refined gent’s Swiss handkerchief
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Ladies’ hand embroidered linen handkerchief
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Luscious colors on
fine Swiss cotton
hand rolled
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About Giovanni's
Handkerchiefs Are Our Business

Giovanni’s and Co. LLC. is a small family-owned and operated business that literally began in a suitcase in 1927. The suitcase, filled with magnificent imported linens, laces and finery, was carried by founder, Jennie Martino DiGiovanni, a petite Italian lady who sold her fine goods to the vacationing carriage trade in Atlantic City, Ventnor and Margate, New Jersey.ladies handkerchiefs

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