FAQs about Giovanni’s Exquisite Handkerchiefs

Does the edge of a handkerchief really matter?

There are many ways to “finish” or hem handkerchiefs. Such finishes have names like flat hems, hemstitched, hand drawn, hand rolled etc. A distinctive mark of quality is a hand rolled hem that is entirely rolled by hand and then hand stitched. This tedious process requires skill and artistry and adds both value and quality to the finished product. Today there are machines that imitate a hand rolled look, but we specialize in and prefer real hand rolled handkerchiefs.

Why are some handkerchiefs made of linen and some made of cotton?

For years cotton and linen have been woven in different weights and finishes for different uses. Both fabrics are versatile, strong and used throughout the world in just about every aspect of manufacturing. Cotton gained popularity for two reasons-the invention of the Cotton Gin for mass production and its versatility. In handkerchief applications, it is the weave of the fabric that matters. Men’s hankies made from linen have more heft, while cotton men’s hankies can be more intricately designed with fancy borders and woven threads. The same applies to ladies’ handkerchiefs, especially those which are embroidered. Usually, plain cotton handkerchiefs will be less costly than linen, but with hand embellishments both increase in price and quality. Any quality handkerchief whether linen, cotton, or a blend of both should be woven for that particular use. At Giovanni’s we know the difference and purchase accordingly.

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Polka Dot Fashionista handkerchief Style: 49011
Lace handkerchief Style: 9301 LLG
Ladies Embroidery Linen Style: 2154w