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Ladies Hand Initialed Handkerchiefs

Ladies Hand Initialed Handkerchiefs

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Ladies Hand Initialed Handkerchiefs
#302 LHIG
$35.00 each

Exquisitely designed, our new ladies’ multi-colored monogram combines the richness of Madeira hand embroidery and fine hand rolled Swiss cotton. Measuring 13″ X 13″, the 1 3/4″ raised embroidered white initial is the centerpiece of a single-corner ribboned oval accented with pink, blue, and yellow flowers combining raised and shadow embroidery. A delicate 1/8″ filigree border and a ¾” white tape border complete the outer perimeter of this beautiful handkerchief. Please note: initialed handkerchiefs are not returnable.
Available in all initials except I O Q U X Y Z.
Initials temporarily out of stock R

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